8 August 2017

Laser correction – performance methods

Laser vision correction procedures involve a number of methods:

  • PRK
  • Epi-lasik
  • SBK-lasik

Methods vary depending on the manner in which the central part of the corneal epithelium is depleted during the procedure. Different procedures entail different risk levels, healing pace and recovery time and effect predictability.

Procedures employing LASIK and SBK-lasik methods are performed with the use of a specially designed keratome or phemtosecond laser. Benefits of using precision incisions are quicker healing and recovery times, lower levels of side effects, fewer procedural complications and lower levels of post-operative discomfort.

Preoperative guidelines

  • do not wear soft contact lenses 1 week before the operation
  • do not wear hard contact lenses 4 weeks before the operation
  • do not use cosmetics 24 hours before the operation
  • do not drink alcohol 48 hours before the operation
  • do not wear make-up 48 hours before the operation and ensure to carefully remove all make-up previously worn
  • do not stop/start using contraceptive pills 3 months before and after the operation. If the patient is currently using contraception, please continue to do so for the three months before and the three months following the operation

On the procedure day

  • wear comfortable clothing
  • bring sunglasses, even if it is not a sunny day
  • it is advised to be accompanied by another person as you will not be able to drive immediately after the procedure
  • expected stay and procedure time: approx. 2 hours

Postoperative guidelines

  • you may feel some discomfort, e.g. sensitivity to light, watery eyes, sense of having a foreign body in the eye, blurred vision
  • apply eye drops as indicated by the doctor
  • you cannot drive a car
  • do not touch the eye directly after the operation
  • take extra care when washing face and around eyes
  • avoid situations that might cause eye injury
  • avoid smoky or dusty rooms
  • for the month following the operation, avoid swimming, and natural sunbathing and the use of tanning beds

Check-up visits

  • day after the operation
  • 1 week after the operation
  • 1 month after the operation
  • 3 months after the operation
  • 6 months after the operation
  • 9 – 12 months after the operation, but before one full year has lapsed following the operation

During the convalescence period, always follow the doctor’s recommendations and use the eye drops prescribed by the doctor.

Should any worrying symptoms occur, do not hesitate to contact the doctor.